Add A Nutrition Workshop to Your Retreat Or Event

Invite the jungle girl to host an nutrition workshop at your yoga studio, retreat or event! Tamara has hosted inspiring workshops in a variety of locations in Mexico and the USA. Recent workshops have included:

  • Nutrition & Yoga for Athletic Recovery @ IndyYoga, Duxbury, VT) 
  • Holistic Nutrition & Mindful Eating @ Mar de Jade Retreat Center, Chacala, Mexico

Jungle girl workshops are a wonderful addition to special events, yoga studios and yoga retreats. Workshops are a perfect way to get the inspiration flowing!   

Popular workshop topics include:

  • Balanced living and complete nourishment 
  • Eating for Energy
  • Sports Nutrition (pre, during and post workout nutrition) 
  • Nutrition for Weight loss/weight balancing
  • Bio-Individuality
  • Listening To Your Body
  • Fighting sugar cravings

Workshops are customized to meet your groups needs.  Workshops include discussion, handouts, goodies and more. Please contact me to begin planning your workshop! 


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