Modern sports nutrition can be confusing! Every day a new crazy sports nutrition product shows up on the market. These products are often packaged, processed and misleading. Instead of spending of our time trying to decipher complicated packaging, It's time to break free of all that craziness and take sports nutrition into our own hands!!

This step-by-step program will support you with discovering whole food based sports nutrition that works for your unique body.  You'll soon be on your way to becoming a healthy, lean, balanced athlete. 



"It should come as no surprise that transforming how I fuel my body has improved my ability to run long distances and recover quickly. Through Tamara’s program I learned that it wasn’t enough to just replace the calories burned during training, rather that I replace what I’ve burned with quality calories from sources such as leafy greens and quality fats such as avocados. I’ve changed the way I fuel before and after workouts and discovered new foods that I love. I’m still experimenting with what works best for me during races, but my nutritional foundation is considerably stronger thanks to this program".

-Chris Wristen, Ultra-marathon/Trail-runner

Complete Sports Nutrition Program Includes: 

  • 4 E-Books packed with info, tasty recipes, resources and more
  • Downloadable Podcasts - talking recipes, visualizations and more
  • Videos (fun and inspiring!)
  • E-mail support from the "jungle girl".  
  • 20% discount off your stay at the Tailwind Jungle Lodge!! 

Only $135 USD for this life changing program.

(a small price to pay to become a nourished, balanced, healthy, athlete!) 

Week 1 : Building Your Nutritional Foundation. 

Your body is only as strong as the nutritional foundation that build and maintain. This athlete's guide to nourishing your body with the most powerful (and tasty) whole foods will get you started.

Week 2: Listen To Your Unique Body.

To maximize performance and feel your best you must learn how to listen to your body. This section will help you discover and understand  what makes you unique. From your body type, to your metabolic type, understanding what makes you unique is essential for an athlete.

Week 3: The Essence of Sports Nutrition. 

Discover quality pre-workout fuel, post-workout nourishment andon-the-go superfood snacks. Whether your like to cook or are look for quick options, this guide will give you the tools and resources you need.

Week 4: Balanced Fitness.

Being a healthy athletes means incorporating a healthy balanced into your active lifestyle. This is your guide to finding a balance that works for you.